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  I need to start out by thanking my husband Mark without whom this studio would never have opened.  For a long time we had talked about this idea, but he was the one who finally started the ball rolling to the point where I couldn’t stop it and had to keep going forward despite my fears and concerns.  The coincidences and signs along the way finally made me realize that this was what I was meant to be doing.  When we finally opened February 2003 it was a dream come true for me. I have always been interested in dance, gymnastics, how the body works….but in March 1983 I met a woman in Florida, where I lived at the time, who was an inspiration to me.  She was an ex-ballerina for the Cincinnati Ballet who had purchased the fitness studio I was working at.  She took one look at our fitness programs and decided to change things.  Although change is hard I saw the results in our clients from her new programs and wanted to learn all about her techniques.   This was my first exposure to Pilates.  I was particularly impressed with how the ideas from Pilates could be used in all other forms of exercise to improve results and prevent injuries.   

Upon moving to Canada in 1987 I found it hard to locate Pilates classes  but continued teaching all forms of group fitness and personal training applying the principles I had learned in Florida.   As Pilates started to enter the Canadian scene it became obvious that there are many interpretations of this method from the “purist” types who stick to the basic matwork series without change, to the more creative types who use Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.   I have been very fortunate to have learned from some amazing people , from the people at Body Harmonics in Toronto, to the Rolfing and Feldenkrais workshops  and also to certain professionals in Peterborough who have made me explore more unconventional ideas of the body and how it works.   Everybody teaches us along the way…….whether it is how to be, or how not to be. A big thank you goes to my clients who I have learned many things from over the years.  Whenever they ask questions it challenges me to become a better instructor. Everyone is unique, just changing the wording of how you instruct people can totally change the exercise experience, teaching people to journey inside themselves for maximum results.

To sum up here, I guess I’m saying that I utilize what really works best and put it into my classes.   This means there is a mix of many styles and ideas which hopefully will benefit people the most.




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