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You may register at any time by telephone at 876-8900, or email us.  Please do not leave your registration form in the mailbox with any form of payment or credit card info. You will be notified if the class you requested does not have space. Classes are on a first come first served basis and do tend to fill up quite fast at certain times of the year.  Classes are run in eight week sessions, five each year, so you only need to sign up for eight weeks at a time.  You may sign up for as many classes as you wish during this eight week period indicating on your registration form or by telephone/email  which classes you wish to attend.   Yearly memberships are also available. If you are not able to attend your requested class(s) you may make them up in other classes where space is available.  People who work shifts may make arrangements for this also.  Should you miss a number of your classes due to illness you may make them up during the next session when re-signing up for the next session only. 



Beginner classes are important to learn the basic knowledge and terminology you will need to move forward into other levels.  I cannot express the importance of starting at the beginning enough.  Regardless of fitness level it is the understanding of the movements and language of pilates that is important.  Without this beginner foundation you will not benefit fully from intermediate and advanced classes.  The beginner session also gives me time to learn about you and your movement patterns and habits, so I can help you get the most benefit from each exercise.   Some clients do a beginner session two or three times.  Each time they learn more as they become more in tune with their own bodies. We are constantly looking for your weak links and faulty movement patterns.   Pilates small equipment is introduced to help aid in muscle activation and movement and challenge balance. The beginner class is wonderful for all ages, body types…….regardless of any injuries, osteoporosis, and arthritis this level can be helpful to you. 

I hear too often “I can’t do that because I have this or that”…..so why not try focusing on what you can do not on what you can’t. If you don't try nothing ever has a chance to change.


In a Beginner/Intermediate class we focus on general movements that I feel benefit people the most.  There is a lot of shoulder, hip and spine work to create ease of movement for everyday life.  Ideas are built upon from the beginner classes and movements are linked together.   Clients here are capable of modifying each exercise to benefit them the most, and also focus on how to transfer what they have learned into everyday life activities.


In Beg/Int classes the movements are more dynamic and challenge stability and balance using various small pilates equipment and weights.  Upper body strength is also worked upon at this point.  The pace of the class is faster to challenge the mind and body.


For a long time I have searched for a cardio “fix”.  However, the criteria I set out with during this search made it challenging.  I wanted the cardio benefit without the wear and tear on the body. 

I first discovered rebounding or mini trampolines, when I was doing bone density research on the internet.  Apparently NASA astronauts  loose bone density when in space due to the zero gravity so they were looking for some activity here on earth to help them regain this density.  Rebounding was the exercise of choice for NASA.  Upon further research I learned the multiple benefits of rebounding including building bone density, lowering blood pressure, lymphatic system drainage, improvements in balance and cardiovascular endurance.  The list is too huge to mention here……if you are interested google “rebounding” and read for your self. After running rebounding classes at the studio for about a year now I am very pleased with the results so far.  All rebounders have a stabilizing safety bar so this form of exercise is ideal for all ages and body types.  20 minutes of rebounding is supposed to be equivalent to a 40 minute run.  I am always amazed that for an activity with such a low perceived exertion the benefits are so high.


45 minute class with more repetitive choreography to music, great for people who are more challenged when it comes to following movements.  Designed to be fun with focus on technique and keeping moving while reaping the benefits of rebounding.   Ideal for all ages.


This is a more intense cardio workout with dynamic movements to music that challenge balance and endurance. Choreography is more challenging. Length 45 minutes. Circuit classes include intervals of weights and push-ups.


Weight training is important to help built bone density as we age. However this class will focus on technique and correct movement patterns using light weights until you have mastered the movements.

The Cardio Weight class has more standing work and movement to get your heart rate up, challenge balance and improve stability.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me for more information - email or call 705-876-8900




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