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  Here I would suggest you to research Pilates on the internet.  In my experience it can be many things to many people, definitely open to interpretation.   Some of the videos sold on TV show people with arms and legs everywhere puffing like a steam train……….even I find those scary.  My job is to take these exercises apart and leave you with the parts that will benefit you while removing the parts that might hurt you.  This makes a lot of the movements quite small and subtle, especially to begin with, but the benefits are still there. 

I asked my clients “What is Pilates” and got all sorts of different answers about how it made them feel.  Then I asked people who had not done Pilates before and most of them would say “Core Strength Stuff” I came to the conclusion that Pilates is difficult to define as it is a unique experience for each individual.  Here I will go back to my main goal to make people feel better in their own bodies with ease of movement and balance.

So I have decided here to let my clients speak for themselves and I will add their comments as they are forwarded to me under the testimonials link.

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