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Our clients are our best form of advertising. If you are a client and would like to submitt a testimonial please feel free.

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I started at Jayne Markus Pilates about a year ago. I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life. Out of shape, overweight, a little depressed and a year from sixty I felt pretty hopeless about turning things around.

When we really want to lose weight, we study nutrition so it makes sense that if we really want to change our bodies, we should study how that body works. I feel Jayne has been much more than an exercise instructor, she is an enlightened educator. She shows how our bodies move and what happens when a we are unbalanced then shows us how to correct it. Jayne is patient and compassionate. All ages benefit from her Pilates instruction.

As for Rebounding I can only say try it you will like it, maybe not the first time give it a least a session! I have never loved aerobic exercise which probably explained my weight problem but seriously this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I committed to stick with it an now I love it! Once again Jayne's instruction here is invaluable. Without centering you out, over time she gives you individual tips for correcting your form.

If you want to enhance your life and meet new friends in a non threatening environment try out Pilates and Rebounding with Jayne. I can't wait to try out Bellyfit and Zumba this fall! Thanks Jayne!

Glenna Burke

Pilates with Jayne is a unique learning experience. She has excellent teaching skills, knowledge and understanding of anatomy and muscle movement and is able to demonstrate such. Jayne keeps her classes fun, informative and interactive.
Through a variety of exercises for core strength, proper body alignment and movement, we learn of our own individual issues, strengths and inadequacies. She assists us in discovering these and she is able to coach us in adjusting the exercises to meet our own individual needs.
I came to Jayne when I had a problem and she was able to help me through it and get me back into a physical acitivity that I enjoyed. I also worked with a physiotherapist during this time who had nothing but praise for Jayne’s assessment skills and the strengthening exercises that she suggested for me.
I only wish that I had been more proactive in earlier years, taking pilates classes prophylactically so that I would have been aware of “overstrengthening” certain muscles and underdeveloping others. It certainly would have avoided future issues of decreased flexibility and core strength. I would encourage anyone to consider pilates- you will never regret it and your body with thankyou for it.

Norma Wills (RegN., RVT)

I have been attending Jayne’s Pilates classes once a week for the last two and a half years. When I started, I was tentatively recovering from a serious bout of sciatica, and hoped Pilates would help with the healing process. I’ve been impressed with Jayne’s focus on fostering body awareness, and on helping participants to continuously “tweak” our balance through activating specific (some previously unknown!) muscles and, so, strengthen the entire core. Who knew that most of us really don’t know how to walk? With Jayne’s knowledgeable guidance, I have come to understand my back issues, and learned to take responsibility for my own healing and continuing back health. Jayne’s sense of humour also adds to the positive experience.

Barb Weeda


"Jayne's extensive knowledge of kinesiology and her ability to explain complicated movements clearly make her classes truly exceptional for building core strength and improving flexibility, posture and balance"  Tamara Hoogerdyk


”Jayne has a great way to help participants balance their bodies’ strengths and weaknesses, and even more importantly she concentrates on helping to correct and strengthen the weak areas. She is one of the few instructors who corrects us when she notices that we are doing a move incorrectly; which is a good thing. She knows her field well, and she teaches it with professionalism, but also with a sense of humour. We have fun while we work hard. I thoroughly enjoy her classes, and always learn from her. I do recommend friends and clients to Jayne’s Pilate classes to help them strengthen their bodies, improve their posture and assist them to help strengthen thereby improving function, in an enjoyable atmosphere.” Barb Rimmer, Physiotherapist


I have been attending Pilates classes at Jayne's studio since 2005. I am one of Jayne's students who has osteoporosis as well as osteoarthritis. In 2007 I fell on the ice and fractured the ball at the top of my humerus bone where it connects to my shoulder. I was told by my doctor that at best i might eventually regain enough mobility in that arm to wash my hair. Jayne is aware of all her student's injuries and needs and adjusts the Pilates exercises according to their limitations. I have regained total mobility in that arm and to quote the doctor, "had we operated and you regained this mobility, we would all be patting ourselves on the back". Bette Bronson




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